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Robert "Say" McIntosh Honored at Little Rock’s First Pie-cutting Ceremony Today Sunday at Soul Fish Cafe

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Little Rock’s First Pie-cutting Ceremony Today Sunday at Soul Fish Cafe
Robert “Say” McIntosh Famous Sweet Potato Pie Goes from Record-breaking Crowd at the 2016 Mosaic Templars “Say it Ain’t Say’s Sweet Potato Pie Contest and Gets New Home at Little Rock’s Soul Fish Cafe

December 18, 2016, Little Rock, AR— Robert “Say” McIntosh has been described as, “The People’s Champion” since 1962. Since 1962 he has fed the community at Thanksgiving and is well known as the “Sweet Potato Pie King” and as the original Arkansas “Black Santa.” He started giving many children of low-income families their first bicycle and toys at Christmas.

This year another milestone takes place for the Champion on Sunday, December 18th when the “Sweet Potato Pie King” officially places his famous brand at the new downtown Soul Fish Cafe.  The Pie-cutting Ceremony takes place at 1:30pm and the restaurant is located at 306 Main St. Little Rock, AR 72201. It is being presented by The College of Aspiring Artists and in association with Soul Fish Cafe as part of a new creative economy branding expansion for creative talents in the arts, culinary and music arenas.

The event will honor Mr. McIntosh as a humanitarian for his years of advocacy and activism for the betterment of Little Rock and as the “Sweet Potato Pie King.”  All persons dining in at the restaurant on Sunday will get a complimentary slice of the famous pie.

Invited guest include clergy, civic and business leaders from across the state.  The program, list of participants and how the pie will be “a community conversation piece” at the table of ‘Brotherly Love’ will be announced on a special 30-minute radio show on Sunday morning, December 18th at 10am on

 Robert “Say” McIntosh is a native Arkansan. He has been very active in the politics of Little Rock and is known for his long-time activism, even until this present time, working as a Civil Rights leader, and against violence in the community and state.   


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