Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Year is 2017: The Arkansas King-Lee Holiday Debate- REALLY? -We are Way Overdue in Getting This One Over and Done

Arkansas... (and this means- ALL OF US who live in this great state), we are well past the time of patience having time to do what the meaning and purpose of 'patience' is truly assigned to do.  My first question regarding this 'way past due' debate/delay on separating the King-Lee Holiday in the ARK is this- When will we learn and stop being 'ever-learning' and never coming to the knowledge of truth?  This is what the Apostle Paul shared with his spiritual son, Timothy in his New Testament writing that applied to those in his day, but it is so relevant and applicable to our present day in Arkansas.

When we see the title/salutation 'Reverend' addressing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it signifies that we are giving honor to a minister/pastor/preacher/prophet.  When you add the significance of a having a Federal Holiday in his honor for 34 years (which was achieved through the intense disciplines and scrutiny of much prayer, protest and legislation), it's pretty simple to deduce why this holiday should be exclusive to his honor.  And while it took from 1983-2000 for all states to come online and honor this day, sadly, Arkansas continues to join Mississippi and Alabama in a three way tie for last place in giving the exclusive honor to Rev. Dr. King on his day.

My final question- How does anyone conjure up rationale to add 'anyone' and place them on such a day of honor without equal scrutiny and likewise achievement of the same status before even thinking of assigning them a dual celebration on the Federal Holiday in that persons honor? 

So yes- Arkansas for the sake of moving up to the respectable national code of honor and ethics, let's not let this moment further delay us and continue our reputation of being last to come to the light of progress and understanding in matters as significant and substantive as this.

My prayer and ongoing advocacy from every post that I represent, is for Arkansas to do 'whatever it takes' to get this legislation passed. Will my prayer be answered with this passing before 2018?  Yes and I say yes even if it takes a Special Session to get it done.  I will share the prophetic rationale in an upcoming post.


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