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Give Us This Day- AR 9.11

2015 NAACP State Conference
Friday, September 11, 2015
8am-9am | Holiday Inn Presidential
Little Rock, AR

From the Little Rock Nine to the Carolina Nine— 
What Says Arkansas on the Issues?
MLK Holiday 2016 Exclusive Celebration and more...
Special Guest:
The Honorable Governor Asa Hutchinson

The Outcome- 

Arkansas "Give Us This Day: MLK Holiday Roundtable 2016 Begins 

On Friday, September 11, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Presidential in Little Rock, Arkansas, the leaders of the Arkansas NAACP convened for the 70th Annual Convention.  The convention kicked off with an 8AM  AR 9.11 Call to Prayer Breakfast and Roundtable.  The theme, “GIVE US THIS DAY” focused on both a humble request and thanks to God for his grace and provisions, but also a strong decree requesting state leaders to make ready and pray forward the plans and the works that must take place for Arkansas to celebrate the MLK Holiday 2016 as an exclusive celebration and thereby no longer being a part of a dual celebration with the R…


Part II. All Lives Have Dignity- But All Lives Are Not Lived Dignified: Black Lives-All Lives Matter-The Gospel According to the God of Rev.Dr.MLK-jrA Black Man Speaks- The Gospel According to the God of Rev. Dr. MLK-jr Some/many blacks are saying… Black Lives Matter- I ask… When?  Why? When does it matter? Why do we need to place emphasis on the ‘black’ and not ‘all’? Why do black people kill black people?  Why do black people wait until a crisis arises to come together? I have answers and so do others.  Which ones are correct?  #wethepreachers  I’m convinced that the healing required to move blacks from the #blacklivesmatter focus to a broader cry and embrace that #allliveshavedignity rests in the hands of leaders who can see and move in a ‘kingdom of God’ mindset.  When will we learn and stop being ever-learning?  My hope and prayer is that we in America and especially those who say that we are Christians will give more honor to all mankind ‘so that all mankind’ can see that all mankin…



"Want to blame someone for what's wrong in the world- The best place to start is here! 

Yes, this is a call for all preachers to come together as one as we pray the word, do the word and be the word. We point to a day of recent happenings that give us reason and clarity to why "we the preachers" both accept the responsibility for the problem but recognize that collectively we are God's duly ordained servants to bring about the problem-solving.  The Good news is that God has pointed the nation and the world back to His Church and His Preachers.  We are "now ready."
Preacher Redemption Day- June 26, 2015 Whether it’s a flag, same sex unions, cultural/denominational differences, etc.  GOOD INTENTIONS AND BAD IDEAS MUST BECOME GOOD INTENTIONS AND GOD IDEAS
THE REMEDY CLAUSE— PSALM 1 Blessed is the one who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; 2 But our delight is in the law …