Wednesday, September 23, 2015

National Call to Action for MLK Holyday

GIVE US THIS DAY- MLK Holiday 2016: State Capitol Proclamation Bracelet Rally and Celebration

Arkansans will Rally at the the State Capitol to join the nation in celebrating the MLK Holiday as an 'exclusive' day of honor and thereby relegating the Robert E. Lee Day to another day. On 9.11.2015 with the favor of God, Arkansas' Governor Asa Hutchinson, along with the AR NAACP, The College of Aspiring Artists and others, this decree came forth - UNANIMOUSLY. A Proclamation Bracelet gets you in the lineup. Join us as we go forth in prayer and faith.

Registration and additional details

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"Want to blame someone for what's wrong in the world- The best place to start is here! 

Part II. All Lives Have Dignity- But All Lives Are Not Lived Dignified: Black Lives-All Lives Matter-The Gospel According to the God of Rev.Dr.MLK-jr

A Black Man Speaks- The Gospel According to the God of Rev. Dr. MLK-jr  Some/many blacks are saying… Black Lives Matter- I ask… When?  Why? When does it matter? Why do we need to place emphasis on the ‘black’ and not ‘all’? 

Why do black people kill black people?  Why do black people wait until a crisis arises to come together? I have answers and so do others.  Which ones are correct?  #wethepreachers 

I’m convinced that the healing required to move blacks from the #blacklivesmatter focus to a broader cry and embrace that #allliveshavedignity rests in the hands of leaders who can see and move in a ‘kingdom of God’ mindset.  When will we learn and stop being ever-learning? 

My hope and prayer is that we in America and especially those who say that we are Christians will give more honor to all mankind ‘so that all mankind’ can see that all mankind in the image and eyes of God our Creator has dignity.  

This year I’m celebrating 25 years of producing legacy tributes from notable venues, radio and television specials, etc., honoring the Prophet, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., from Memphis to DC including the opening tribute of the National Civil Rights Museum on the Federal Holiday in 1992. I  along with my staff and  students from my college have honored many leaders including members of the King children and have invested tens of thousands of dollars and am glad to do so. 

Regarding the #blacklivesmatter focus: What would Rev. Dr. King see, what would he say, what would he do?  He would see honor at an all times low.  When we don’t give honor, we teach dishonor.  We have too much selfish pride in our nation.  Life has little value in the minds of many African Americans. Why?  Often because we have been disregarded but so often because we disregard ourselves.  

THE FACTS: When it’s time to honor Rev. Dr. King (at least on the Federal Holiday in his honor) - where are the preachers-where are AND where have the black lives matter leaders been? So often we are absent but we have the audacity to say black lives matter.  So again, when and why? Blessed be God for the preachers and leaders such as the NAACP and others who continue to advocate the advancement of all people. 

A revisit of Rev. Dr. King's famous “I Have a Dream” speech/prophecy convinces me to say that he would understand that this  #blacklivesmatter focus is motivated by a concept that I will encapsulate as- Good Intentions and Bad Ideas- and I would conclude by saying- Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Must Become- Good Intentions and God Ideas. This is our only hope. 

No, not at the end of the day- but at ‘the end of God’s review-today… God who is no respecter of person declares that #allliveshavedignity but all lives are not lived, dignified. 

Part I. "ALL LIFE" HAS DIGNITY- But all Lives are Not Lived Dignified.
ALL LIFE HAS DIGNITYbut all lives are not lived dignified. From the G.O.D. view- "When you break one leg, does the other leg not matter?  Truth is, both are required for the best in balance and mobility." Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D.

On the questions of coming together beyond our denominations/race/ethnicity- the hate- the violence- (overall) and yes... black on black crime- poverty- uplifting the President- (no not for the politics but for what God has done in this nation to give honor to whom honor is due), and  yes- those who are being wrongfully and unjustly punished- (and oh... we must pray 'for all' who are in authority). Where are we?  Let your voice be heard. Post this up and let's talk it out on the upcoming "We The Preachers" Radio Special coming October 19th at 9am CDT  (click on "Listen Now") 

We are better together- way better and this is where we will talk about it.  #wethepreachers