Friday, April 29, 2016



Rev. Dr. King was a biblical rights leader.  He stood in the gap for God's people as a Pastor, Prophet and Preacher.  He did his part and it's our turn now to stand in the place of honor on this day in AR and in the Nation. This is a set time for preachers to lineup and get ready to stand tall on every MLK Holiday in demonstration of how God honors his preachers.  The Holiday is 30 years in observance and it's high time for AR to join the nation in separating MLK Day from the Robert E. Lee day. 

Yes, this is a call for all preachers to come together as one as we pray the word, do the word and be the word. We point to a day of recent happenings that give us reason and clarity to why "we the preachers" both accept the responsibility for the problem but recognize that collectively we are God's duly ordained servants to bring about the problem-solving.  The Good news is that God has pointed the nation and the world back to His Church and His Preachers.  We are "now ready."  

Call to Action-         
From the Little Rock Nine to the Carolina Nine—
What Says Arkansas on the Issues?
MLK Holiday Exclusive Celebration and more...


When:  June 9th
Where: Mosaic Templars Cultural Center
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm (Reception starts at 5pm)
Who Should Attend:  Everyone! Starting with- “We the Preachers”
Registration:  Free Online    (donations desired) 

On Friday, September 11, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Presidential in Little Rock, Arkansas, the leaders of the Arkansas NAACP convened for the 70th Annual Convention.  The convention kicked off with an 8AM AR 9.11 Call to Prayer Breakfast and Roundtable.  The theme, “GIVE US THIS DAY” focused on both a humble request and thanks to God for his grace and provisions, but also a strong decree requesting state leaders to make ready and pray forward the plans and the works that must take place for Arkansas to celebrate the MLK Holiday 2016 as an exclusive celebration and thereby no longer being a part of a dual celebration with the Robert E. Lee Day.  

Arkansas’ Governor, Asa Hutchinson and statewide leaders from the arenas of clergy, legislators, faith-based organizations, community, corporate and youth leaders, and activists unanimously agreed that MLK Holiday 2016 and beyond should be an exclusive day of honor for Rev. Dr. King.
To God be the Glory. This and more was a part of the discussion and working strategies at the prayer breakfast and the new roundtable that has now been activated. 

Today, “We the Preachers” are employing our collective efforts to take the lead to move forward this exclusive day of honor yes, for Rev. Dr. King but we see it now more clearly as a day of honor ‘for all preachers’ who are standing in the place of service and calling to serve God’s people as did Rev. Dr. King.
This day in AR and in the nation must be recognized as not only a Holiday but also a ‘HolyDay.”   It starts with us- “We the Preachers”.  We must take the lead and what better time, what better way and what better day?   Let’s move.  
Below is a summary of urgent concerns and some key updates that follow our actions from last year, especially the AR 9.11 Prayer Breakfast and Roundtable at the 70th AR NAACP Convention.  
1.       Remove the Robert E. Lee Day from the Federal Holiday honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
2.       Moving from ‘proclamation to legislation’ is the major work in demand—we want to ‘find a way’ to be included in an upcoming session- this year!
3.  Moving forward, we continue hold fast to our thoughts reflecting the South Carolina Church Massacre, the sacrifice of the nine leaders and the diligent process that led to the removal of the Confederate flag from their State Capitol ground.

4.       We are convinced that resolving the MLK shared day will in fact solve many other problems that are present and mitigate others that are brewing in our state.
5.       We desire Arkansas to move up in this nation regarding race relations and cultural competence.  
On June 9, 2016 a community forum has been set at the Mosaic Templars Culture Center in Little Rock to bring this matter to a high regard. The forum will be led by preachers who are advocating the legislation of this day.  The additional partners include:  AR NAACP, The College of Aspiring Artists and Pine Bluff Interested Citizens for Voter Registration and Kingfest (the original).  Others are signing on by contacting us at 870.623.8179.

It is not limited to preachers but this is our first group to lineup to lead the way.  In addition we want to get persons from all walks of life who see this day as a day for exclusive honor to Rev. Dr. King to sign on this blog post with your Yes! MLK Exclusive Holiday in AR.
This gets us started.     To register to attend click here and be directed to our registration site and know that your support will make a difference in our state and our nation.