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MLK50 Live From the MLK Memorial- Preaching, Prophecy, Worship, Celebration of Love, Dreams and more

      ALL ABOARD- DC is Top Destination for MLK50 Commemoration
      Register to Participate and Attend
50 states and many from across the world will spend the 50th year Commemoration honoring Rev. Dr. King in Washington, DC.  What will we do?  We will advocate for the nation to come back to God. To put an end to hate and violence when and wherever it exists. 

First, we will answer Dr. King's question poised in many moments and in his book with the same title. "Where Do We Go From Here?"  Answer:  "WE'VE DECIDED TO BE UNITED"   And we will put it in demonstration mode from the MLK Memorial.  We will transform this Spiritual Landmark into a Pulpit of Hope and Deliverance to continue the work of the Rev. Dr. King. 

 MLK Memorial Service Dates:  April 3-4 Live from the MLK Memorial, Washington, DC 
Travel Dates:  Arkansas/Tennessee/Mississippi/Louisiana Bus Leaves April 1 (Ressurection Sunday 4pm)  and Returns on April 5.  Departure cities include: New Orleans, Dumas, Little Rock, Memphis, and Nashville.


                Be First to Order Your MLK Legacy 5.0 Commemorative Bible Today                           ~Save the Dates~ January 14-15 Little Rock, AR
                 MLK Holiday 2018... How and Why Arkansas Clergy are Leading the Way
            1000 Clergy-Artists Salute and Gala- Register Today
 On January 9-15, 2018, Arkansans will come together for the Inaugural MLK Holiday Exclusive.  The year 2018 also marks 50 years beyond the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Communities across the nation will host commemorative services from January through August. It’s a day of honor for all clergy who are keeping the faith as Rev. Dr. King and others in his day did on behalf of their walk with God.  The time to for Arkansas Clergy and Faith-based Leaders to organize and lead the Inaugural Arkansas MLK Holiday Exclusive and 50-year Commemoration (1968-2018) is upon us.  If not us… who?
Three anchor partners, the Arkansas NAACP, Pine Bluff Interested Citizens for Voter Registration (PBICVR), the Original Kingfest, and The College of Aspiring Artists combine for over 100 years in proven MLK Legacy Tributes across the nation have already done much work praying this forward to advance the legislation. The AR Clergy must now lead the way.  

Artists will also be spotlighted with creative talents performing. To sign up for performance opportunities, please provide name and details in comment section here. 


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