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Pre-Launch Successful at MLK MEMORIAL for Legacy 5.0 Commemorative Bible....Giving Honor to Rev. Dr. MLK-Jr.

Why a Commemorative Bible 50 Years beyond the Final Prophecy and Assassination of Rev. Dr. MLK-Jr.

What if we had a bible that contained an updated commentary on how God used his prophets and spiritual leaders throughout the ages to show how love overcomes hate- EVERY-TIME?
  • What if 100,000 pastors would preach from this bible for one year on the subjects of love and non-violence? 
  • What if there was a curriculum that taught on diversity from the ONE NATION (under God) Kingdom view?
  • What if, in honor of the 50th Commemoration of the Final Prophecy and Assassination of the 20th Century Prophet-Pastor-Preacher, Rev. Dr. MLK-Jr., we could release this Bible? 
  •  What if national ministries and spiritual organizations would get behind this like sport enthusiast back their leagues and their famous athletes and invest millions of dollars?
                         11AM Sunday Morning Worship at MLK Memorial                                          “The Power of Oneness – The Church in One Accord”
~A St. John 17 United Call and Solemn Assembly~

On Sunday morning, October 8th at 11AM a National Worship Celebration— “The Power of Oneness—The Church in ONE Accord” took place at the MLK Memorial. The service was a part of the AWAKEN THE DAWN, Tent Meeting held on the National Mall, October 6th – 9th.   The event brought thousands of persons from across the nation with 50 tents, one representing each state for a time of prayer for hope and healing for America.

At the Sunday morning worship celebration, we declared and demonstrated that regarding what Rev. Dr. King said on December 18, 1963, stating that the 11 O’clock hour on Sunday morning was the most segregated hour of the week was…  No more, not here in the Church that Jesus builtWE ARE ONE IN CHRIST JESUS!   Visionary David Bradshaw of ATD and joint-leader, JT Thomas joined Arthur L. Hunt, Jr. as ministers for the service
                    David Bradshaw ATD
                                                               JT Thomas ATD   

 Pastor Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., HMC/The College of Aspiring Artists

The Visionary for the Sunday worship service, Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D., is CEO of The College of Aspiring Artists and was the producer of the first Memphis national salutes to the Federal Holiday honoring Dr. King for three years at the Orpheum Theatre and the opening entertainment tribute for the National Civil Rights Museum as well as the developers of the Church of God in Christ Corporate Salute.
Worship Service/Program Highlights included:
v  10:55— Pre-opening gathering with musicians and singers Barbi and Terry Franklin of Tennessee and Dr. Mark Matheny who spoke about the need for America to understand why Memphis is an important city and what Memphis was preparing to present and how we should pray for Memphis. 

Barbi and Terri Franklin Leading Worship 

v  Pre-launch of The Legacy 5.0 Commemorative Bible. It is the first bible that examines the 'Divinity Perspective,’ of the God of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and conveys what God was up to during The Civil Rights Movement.  The Legacy 5.0 Commemorative Bible features multiple accounts of the prophetic accuracy of King’s ‘final prophecy’ delivered on April 3, 1968, up to our current times.
v  Prayer of Blessings for the Bible to be included in schools and as a tool for persons who want to teach from the biblical passages that Rev. Dr. King taught from as a Biblical Rights leader more so than a civil rights leader.  The bible will be used as a textbook/testament publication.
v  Persons can pre-order the Bible online at:


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